Five ways your club can prioritise public image

  1. Appoint a public image chair to coordinate the sharing of your club’s stories with your community. 
  2. Set goals to enhance your club’s public image in Rotary Club Central, where you can conveniently record club goals and track progress.  
  3. Watch the ‘Getting Started with the Brand Centre’ video to get an overview of the tools available to help you tell your club’s stories. 
  4. Take one – or more! – public image courses in the Learning Centre. Among them are ‘The Rotary Brand’ course, which conveys the benefits of a consistent, recognisable brand, and ‘Our Logo: Representing Rotary’, which demonstrates how to use Rotary’s logos consistently and correctly.
  5. Use the People of Action messaging and materials in the Brand Centre to build awareness and understanding of Rotary and the difference your club makes.