Te Kāhu Tiu

ROTARY is a proud financial and hands-on supporter of Te Kāhu Tiu. Based in Kapiti, Te Kāhu Tiu will address the root causes of offending amongst young men who are entrenched in the youth justice system – young men who have seen the worst of life from an early age, who do not recognise their experiences as anything other than usual, and are on the trajectory to spend a lifetime behind bars.

Te Kāhu Tiu will support them in healing from their trauma and recognising their potential.

Te Kāhu Tiu translates as ‘The Soaring Hawk’, and provides these young men with therapy, education and connection, which will support them to soar higher than many might imagine.

Change within these young men will strengthen their families and the community, assist in breaking inter-generational cycles of trauma, and provide a healthier, safer, and wealthier future for all.

The Rotary Club of Kapiti has supported Te Kāhu Tiu to fit out its purpose built facilities – including sourcing almost new furniture and lockers that were briefly used for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

PICTURED: Te Kāhu Tiu Director Amelia Trotter studied criminology and psychology at Victoria University Wellington, then completed an applied masters in criminal justice. Through Te Kāhu Tiu, she aims to empower struggling young men with perspective and the freedom to fly.

The Rotary Club of Wellington North has channelled support through the Nikau Foundation to plant an orchard on the 37 acres on which Te Kāhu Tiu is based, and has committed to fund scholarships for the young men to be supported.

When operations commence, both clubs will also help assist the young men to build positive connections in the community.

Gardening will play an important role in developing real world skills amongst the young men. They will grow food from seed through to harvest, prepare and cook it in a teaching kitchen, and gain formal qualifications along the way.

With failure a consistent theme in their lives, the successes will be numerous and contribute to their self-esteem and belief, and establish the first steps to re-engage them with learning, or toward employment.

Behind Te Kāhu Tiu is Amelia Trotter – a highly qualified trauma therapist. The kaupapa (values/principles) of Te Kāhu Tiu that have been developed with the support of a local kaumatua (Māori elder) is an evidence based, best practice approach, leveraged upon Amelia’s successes working with at-risk young men.

For Te Kāhu Tiu to help divert young offenders from entering the prison system and spending a lifetime behind bars, it requires ongoing support from the community – and the Rotary Clubs of Kapiti and Wellington North are already playing a part.

For more information about how you can support these young men through Te Kāhu Tiu, visit www.tekahutiu.org.nz/support-us