Young district governor to make history

By Kylie Hatfield

Geraldine Rurenga will make history as the youngest Rotary district governor in Zone 8 when she takes up the mantle in 2022. Geraldine, 29, has been a member of the Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga Murrumbidgee, NSW, since 2014, when she joined after returning to her hometown of Wagga Wagga after a 10-year hiatus.

“I wanted to make connections and friends in the town I had just started teaching in, and I wanted to contribute to the community through service,” Geraldine said. “I had attended a few Rotary meetings in different towns with my mother, Eilagh, who is also a Rotarian.”

Later this year, Wagga’s District 9700 will merge with Canberra’s District 9710, forming a super district of around 80 clubs. However, Geraldine is up for the challenge and is looking forward to representing the increasing level of diversity in membership and broader society within the district leadership and encouraging more younger people to get involved.

“Rotary is committed to community service, and to serve the community we need to be representative of the diversity of that community. We need the diverse world views and perspectives to operate authentically and purposefully,” Geraldine said.

“Rotary provides many opportunities for young people to take advantage of. Regardless of your passion or area of expertise, Rotary creates the space for you to develop skills and follow your interests in serving humanity.

“The impact it has had on my life has certainly provided me with the skills and confidence to take on greater challenges, in my career and in my personal life.”