The power of video

By Adam Reibel

Working with the Zone 8 Public Image and District 9830 teams has shown me the extent and impact of volunteering in Rotary clubs. Over the past four years, I have made 12 films showing the reach and action that Rotary has in our local communities and its valuable service contribution globally.

Video is a powerful tool. A photo is worth a thousand words, but a video in Australia is 25 still images per second – that’s 25 thousand words every second.

A still shot ignites the imagination, but videos show People of Action working. Video is the real thing. It is easy to watch and easy to consume. You don’t need to think.

Video marketing tends to be favoured by social media algorithms. News websites are regularly adding videos to every story as well. Video makes websites more dynamic and engaging.

What I have filmed for Rotary has been used multiple times in the nightly news bulletins in Tasmania, giving an audience of around 20 per cent of Tasmania’s population an introduction to the work of Rotary in the community. By filming ‘video news releases’, we have gotten on the news when the newsrooms have been unable to send their own teams to media calls.

A few of our most effective videos have been made for public image training sessions. These have proved to be successful and well attended. Also, a professional clip is more watchable than a simple Zoom conversation and slideshow presentation, especially after the fact. It’s great to refer to at a later date.

Professional cinematographers and editors provide a top-quality product. With professionalism comes trust for the Rotary brand from the general public. Rotary deserves that trust that the job will get done with the greatest success.