Fyansford Paper Mill Heritage Tour hits new milestone

The Rotary Club of Highton, Vic, has proudly announced its 1,000th visitor on the highly acclaimed Fyansford Paper Mill Heritage Tour.

Since November 6, 2022, the club has organised guided tours of the Fyansford Paper Mill, offering an immersive experience through the mill’s rich heritage. 

Set on the Barwon River, overlooking the picturesque Buckley Falls, the bluestone buildings of the heritage listed Fyansford Paper Mill are the only remaining intact old paper mill structures in Australia. The guided tours, conducted every Sunday, provide a rare opportunity for visitors to explore and appreciate this exceptional heritage site.

PICTURED: Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly Christine Couzens welcomes the 1,000th visitor to the tour.

In operation from 1876 to the present day, the Fyansford Paper Mill is a site of immense historical significance, showcasing the enduring story of papermaking, and its various applications throughout the mill’s 147-year history.

From its origins of transforming rags into high-grade paper products, to its covert role as a sea mine facility for the Royal Australian Navy during WWII, visitors are taken on a captivating journey tracing the mill’s evolution. 

The Fyansford Paper Mill Heritage Tours serve a dual purpose; not only do they offer an enriching experience for visitors, but they also contribute to the betterment of the community. All proceeds generated from the tours are utilised by the Rotary Club of Highton to support local and international community projects, exemplifying the club’s commitment to service. 

Furthermore, the club has been working collaboratively with the current owners and local authorities to restore sections of the Fyansford Paper Mill’s bluestone water race. This restoration initiative aims to preserve the historical significance of the site and ensure that future generations can continue to appreciate the journey through Fyansford’s remarkable past. 

The Rotary Club of Highton invites everyone to join them on the Fyansford Paper Mill Heritage Tour and embark on an extraordinary exploration of history and culture. Experience firsthand the captivating tales hidden within the walls of the mill and witness the Rotary club’s unwavering dedication to preserving heritage and serving the community.

Bookings for the tours can be made online at www.trybooking.com/CBZSH