Foundation announces new type of grant

The Rotary Foundation has just introduced a new kind of grant for deployment in Australia and Brazil – Corporate Social Responsibility Grants, or CSR Grants. The goal is to attract financial backing for Rotary projects from for-profit organisations.

CSR Grants combine the simplicity of a District Grant and the scale of a Global Grant.

The minimum contribution from the corporate is A$35,000 and there is no upper limit in the value of the gift. The corporate’s contribution can also be supplemented by cash from clubs and other sources.

In Australia, the CSR program is being run by the Foundation’s local arm, Rotary Foundation Australia (RFA).

Often, a corporation will have a particular focus and RFA will seek a Rotary club that has similar aspirations. In other cases, an Australian Rotary club may be seeking funding for a project and RFA may be able to find a corporate with similar goals.

For all the details, please visit www.rotaryfoundationaustralia.org.au/csrgrants