Part 02 (Q&A session) of the ‘Last Hurrah’ Polio virtual fundraising dinner

Here is a list of the questions asked and the approximate times they’re answered:

  • Are there any Polio cases still in Africa? (00:12)
  • In a perfect world, when we do get more donations. How do the donations get directly to the Polio projects. That is how do they bypass money that is being redirected to COVID-19? (02:13)
  • How do we maintain positivity to the end game? (04:45)
  • What is the situation in PNG. Are their any cases there? (06:24)
  • What are the current immunisation rates in Australia and New Zealand? (08:11)
  • When do we consider “this task” complete? (10:15)
  • What else are we eradicating/or more so protecting against? (12:41)
  • Is the “post-polio syndrome” an Australia only or worldwide issue? (13:59)