Innovative public image campaign launched in District 9640

District 9640 has launched another innovative public image campaign to engage the local community with Rotary. All 252 busses that operate within Gold Coast City Council limits in Southern Queensland and Tweed Heads in Northern NSW will carry two large stickers inside every bus, starting April 1 for eight weeks. The cost is $2 a week per bus.

There is not much one can do inside a bus except play with a mobile phone, so it’s a captive audience!

“There are 400,000 passengers and school children who ride these busses every week and this will be a continuous engagement to woo them to join a local Rotary club,” said Andy Rajapakse, District 9640 governor-elect and public image chair, who grabbed this opportunity for Rotary.

Last year in September, District 9640 grabbed the attention of many in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific, when it placed a full-page advertorial in the JetStar inflight magazine to engage air travellers
with Rotary.

Check out the district’s past public image campaigns of bus, plane and bicycle riders at