Australian Rotaract Conference 2020

Happy World Rotaract Week peeps ???

Hundreds of Rotaractors from four countries, 19 districts and 28 clubs rocked up to the Australian Rotaract Conference 2020 last month to join like-minded changemakers, exchange ideas, develop personal and professional skills and just have a whole lotta fun.

The inspirational and all out awesome Bruce Sullivan was main man for the weekend, sharing some incredibly personal and uplifting (occasionally heart-bursting) stories and encouraging everyone to pull on their happy pants and be the best version of themselves.

Australian Rotaract Chair Ada Gain said the ARC is a great example of how Rotaractors can learn by building personal and professional skills, help people, and just have fun while they’re at it.

“The Saturday night gala is always a favourite as it allows us to dress up, eat great food, celebrate the award winners for the year and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Feedback for the weekend was overwhelmingly positive, with 35 attendees signing up for next year’s conference before this one was over and out. So 2021 is definitely looking like another killer year for Rotaract!

“We are so excited to announce we have won the bid to host the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference, or APRRC2021, in Perth in September,” said Ada.

“This will be our first ARC held on a cruise!!! If you know of anyone interested in hearing more about Rotaract, check out our website ( Without doubt, joining Rotaract was one of the best decisions I ever made!”

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Video: Rhys Martin (Facebook / Instagram)