Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Following a Zoom meeting on April 16, when members of the Rotaract Club of Adelaide University, SA, were joined by Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs founder Jenny Cooper, the club set itself the ambitious goal of collecting 200kg of used bread tags over four months.

To put that into perspective, one standard loaf bread bag holds around 2kg of tags, so they estimate they will need to collect five to six plastic garbage bags of tags to reach their target.

The tags are then sold to thermoplastic recycling company Transmutation, based in the small fishing village of Robe, SA, which makes and sells homewares from the tags. Funds raised from the sale of tags will allow the club to buy a wheelchair for a disabled child in South Africa.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs has been recycling bread tags in South Africa since 2006, collecting around 500kg each month. Many wheelchairs have been distributed around the country, with the added bonus of keeping tags out of landfill.