Equipping vulnerable children with tools for education

When young people are exposed to domestic violence or abuse, their social wellbeing and mental health are impacted. Accompanying a mother or carer into a domestic violence shelter can have a ripple effect on children as they are moved to a new area, town or city away from friends and family. They will also have to face the challenges of attending a new school.

Many of these children leave their homes urgently and arrive at shelters without schoolbooks and other study items and, because they’ll be attending a new school, their current uniforms are no longer appropriate.

“This makes their transition to a new school far more difficult, because without the relevant textbooks and exercise books they can quickly fall behind in their schooling. And without the proper clothing and equipment they stand out from the other children at a time when it is important for their self-confidence that they fit in,” said Isabella Bevan, co-founder of Zephyr Education.