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Taking it to the Streets – Hope and Humanity for our Homeless

On any given night, more than 100,000 people are homeless in Australia and more than 40,000 people in NewZealand. Homelessness is often the result of many complex issues and extends beyond the common perception of “vagrants on the street”. Solving homelessness is as complicated as the reasons for its cause, and is not just an issue for governments to solve. Rotary, of course, is doing its part in all corners of our region.

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Taking it to the streets

Helping Hands Across the Land

Technology with a dose of creativity is leading to many new ways for Rotarians to engage and organise themselves. In the case of the Rotary Nomads, a new, innovative form of club has been created, targeted towards a particular lifestyle group. Adaptability, as is often the case, is key.


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Helping Hands Across the Land

Peace Building – It’s in our DNA

Rotary has a long history of being at the forefront of many international peacebuilding initiatives, including the United Nations.

On March 17, at the Town Hall in Sydney, NSW, Rotary International president Ian Riseley will host a Presidential Peacebuilding Conference that will focus on the relationship between peace and economic and community development.

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Peace Building – it’s in our DNA

Together We Transform

Within our region there are districts that also encompass overseas clubs. The following four stories showcase Rotary clubs looking beyond their local area to assist our nearby neighbours. Read on to see how we’re making a difference in our own backyard.

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Together We Transform


Polio in Pakistan – Then and Now

What a difference three years can make to Rotary’s polio eradication program in Pakistan.

“Then” is 2014, the year of my first visit to Pakistan. Following a presentation to the New Zealand National Immunisation Conference and a subsequent article in the nursing press on Rotary’s role in polio eradication, I was invited to present at a Rotary polio conference in Lahore for World Polio Day (October 24)….

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Polio in Pakistan